Avoid Spider Damage

Controlling the Spider

Pesky little’ Spider. I have learned how hard it is to get rid of  a sneaky spider around our house and many of you have visited our “Do it Yourself Pest Control Store” and told me of the troubles you are having with spider control. Let me start by telling you what happened to me this week.

Controlling spidersMy wife and I noticed the house temperature was rising. We checked the thermostat, it was on, but the A/C was not cooling. Oh,No! Luckily it had been raining and the temp had dropped down to 71 degrees or so. We were lucky because it had cooled off, but we knew the deep south heat would soon return. We wondered how much this repair bill would be.

First thing next morning I called the A/C repair company and they sent a repair technician over the following day. After about 10 minutes and the A/C came on. I wondered how it could be fixed so quickly. So I asked. The man looked at me and smiled. He said it was the most common repair his company makes after a good rain. It seems that the damage was done when a Spider crawled into our out side A/C unit to get out of the rain. While the spider was in there he managed to short out the contact switch. The contact switch that turns the unit on/off and is controlled by the thermostat. The spiders body was still lodged between the contact points dead as a door-nail. So it was plain to see that a shelter seeking spider had caused this damage.

Perimeter Spider Treatment

A good perimeter pest control treatment along with removing spider webbing will help discourage the spider and his buddies from setting up a hunting camp around your home. When performing this spider treatment we may kill a few spiders, more importantly we will kill the bugs that the spider eats. Without a good food supply, and having to build a new web continuously the spider will become discouraged and move on to easier, more plentiful, hunting grounds.

I had treated the perimeter of my home the previous day using a good indoor-outdoor insecticide  Cy-Kick CS professional Pest Control Insecticide. Cy-Kick also kills all types of household and commercial pests including ants, bed bugs, roaches, spiders, earwigs, crickets, centipedes, beetles, and more.  During my perimeter treatment I ran out of chemical mix with about ten feet to go. I did not complete the job, since we don’t use the part of the yard where the A/C unit is located.  I decided to let it go till next time. That turned out to be a bad decision.

While doing a perimeter pest control treatment always complete the job, “We live and Learn”. Sometimes we even have to pay for the privilege of learning. I’m sure I will when I get my bill. (got it, $85)

When you do your own DIY outdoor perimeter pest control treatment, please keep this little lesson in mind, and be thorough to avoid spider damage.

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