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How to Control Backyard Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes-life-cycleWell, the 4th of July is over. Our family came over and we spent the entire day outside swimming, sunning, and playing with the kids. In the evening we cooked out and shot fireworks. No mosquitoes. Now how did that happen? We did something about it.

Protection is important, but prevention is arguably more important. After all, if you take steps to control mosquitoes, and prevent them from taking over your property in the first place, you’ll reduce the need for chemical protection.

Mosquito Control Backyard Game Changer

First, we removed a couple of flower pots holding water and one 5 gallons empty paint bucket full of rainwater. Our neighbor finally repaired his pool and the pool company pumped out all the collected water and a ton of mosquito larvae. Then my son Tyler treated the perimeter of my home and all the ornamentals and adjacent lawn area. He used 7 gals of a Bifenthrin product called Bifen 7.9%  I/T .  We also placed a citronella candle on the back porch table and our whole family enjoyed themselves without mosquito bites. Yea!

After it got completely dark we all moved to the front yard for Fireworks in the street. A, 20+ year, family tradition. No mosquitoes, thanks to Tyler’s Bifen I/T treatment for mosquitoes.

Everyone has likely been bothered by backyard mosquitoes, they’ve been around forever. They have evolved into better and better hunters and employ some of the same advanced sensors that resemble military aircraft. Heat sensors and chemical sensors.

Mosquitoes sense body heat, body odor, body movement, and bright colors. If you move, mosquitoes will find you, they know anything that moves is alive and has blood in it. If you are one of those people who mosquitoes love to pick on try using a spray on, or rub on repellent with DEET in it.

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