How to prevent Bird Roof Damage?

bird roof damage

Bird Roof Damage to Your Home and Properties

by Brian Mase Guest Writer

AMERICA, U.S.A. — Birds can be beautiful in your backyard and their songs can be charming and pleasant in the morning hours. Having too many birds, or simply the wrong type of birds can be a serious problem for your home, though.

The problem is that some birds and their habits can damage your property. You may be in for some bird roof damage. Even if they might keep you company with winsome bird songs, you’re not going to like the repair bills that come with the damage they can bring.

Keep reading to learn more about the damage birds can bring to your property and how you can keep your home safe.

Bird Droppings Damage Roofs

Your roof literally keeps you and your family dry and protects your home. Getting a new one or making repairs to your roof can easily cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or more depending on the type of roofing materials used and the size of your home.

Bird droppings are naturally very acidic and they can eat through parts of your roof. That means replacing them if they’re not cleaned all of the time. Pressure washing your roof in and of itself can be a very expensive process.

Allowing bird droppings to remain on your roof for long periods of time can even lead to a collapsed roof, especially in areas where heavy rain, snow, or strong sun are already taking their toll on your roof. Damage to your roof can also lead to a collapsed indoor ceiling, which could leave you and your family members injured.

Protect Your Valuable Vehicle

Even if you don’t drive the world’s most expensive car, there’s a good chance it’s one of the more costly things that you own. Unfortunately, birds and their droppings can do some serious damage to your automobile paint.

Parking in the garage is one simple solution, but it won’t protect your roof and the other parts of your home. If you have more cars than can’t fit in the garage or you use your garage for another purpose, it likely isn’t even an option.

If left to sit for more than a few hours, the acidic nature of bird droppings can start to do lasting damage to your car’s paint job.

Nests Can Destroy Gutters

Birds like sparrows, pigeons, and starlings often build nests in gutters. While we all think of bird nests as cute and charming, having them in your gutters can lead to some costly damage before you know it.

Having nests in your gutters can cause water to build up around your home, and even six inches of water can lead to a collapsed roof and the need for major repairs. In many cases, even roofs that don’t collapse need costly repairs after standing water related to bird’s nests make them weak and insufficient when it comes to protecting your home.

Hire a Qualified Contractor

The type of contractor that handles your drywall installation or additional bedroom can’t help you with birds. Instead, you want to hire local bird control services to come to your home and figure out how to keep birds and their destructive habits at bay.

Bird control services specialize in birds that are common to the area and the regular issues that they can present. While some birds may go away on their own after a certain season, the damage to your home will already be done.

Research bird control in your area and find one that can help you deal with your pest problem and prevent property damage right away. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a repair bill that’s much higher than what professional pest management services will charge.

Birds can be very cute and a lot of people love looking out their windows to see them in the morning and afternoon. The fact is that birds might be nice to view, but when they call your home their home, they can do some very costly damage that you’re probably not prepared for as a homeowner.

For business owners, birds and the damage they cause can force them to shut down and lose money while they make those costly repairs. Find local bird control services to help you find real solutions to your bird problem.

Your home and business will be much better off when the birds are just visitors instead of permanent residents.

Bird roof damage“,  by Brian Mase Guest Writer

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