How to Control Carpenter Bees and the Products to Get Rid of Them

Carpenter Bee Control

Control Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bee control is not hard to do. If you live in a cedar sided home or have cedar trim on the outside, chances are that you have carpenter bees and need to learn to control carpenter bees.

Carpenter Bee Damage

Carpenter bees drill holes about 3/8 in diameter and place their larva inside to incubate. Each shallow hole goes into the wood and make a turn to run along the grain maybe 6 inches or so. Then the female deposit the young and blocks up a tab and builds a wall sealing the baby in. She continues to do this, while backing toward the entrance, until she’s back. The female carpenter bee continues to drill and deposit young. Your wood can be hollowed out until it suffers loss of structural integrity all in just a few days. You must do something to stop the damage. Each year bees return and take up residence again. Carpenter bees damage all types of wood not just cedar.

Carpenter Bee Gallery Treatment

control carpenter bees Kit
Carpenter Bee Control Kit

Use this Carpenter Bee Control Kit to control carpenter bees that contains chemical products you need except the putty, putty knife, sprayer and a step-ladder. Begin your treatment by putting a good powder or dust insecticide into each hole. It’s easy to place with a hand duster. In most cases you’ll need a step-ladder to reach the holes. After you have treated all the holes you can patch them with wood putty that can be painted. When all holes are treated you can spray the wood with Tengard SFR to help discourage new bees from digging in. You will need a pump sprayer.

Carpenter Bee Traps that Work

control carpenter bees trapIf you prefer not using pesticides, here is an alternative method you may want to try. A carpenter bee trap may be just what the doctor ordered. This particular trap comes with clearly written instruction on where to hang it. That’s all you do, just hang it and forget it until it’s full, then unscrew the jar and empty the bees.

These solutions will help you control carpenter bees.

“Learn to Control Carpenter Bees”, by Mike Dukes Pest MD

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