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pestmd disclaimer*PestMD Disclaimer: Advice from the Pest MD staff is never meant to take the place of the official product guide called the product label or to contradict it. Always read the product label or instructions before you use the product. Although we may describe a certain treatment procedure, your circumstances may be different, so read the label to use as a legal and practical guide. ALWAYS!!

*PestMD Disclaimer: The use of some products mentioned in this site, may not be registered for sale into your state or country. Please check with your local county agent or regulatory official before using any pesticide mentioned in this publication.

*PestMD Disclaimer: You must read, understand and follow each product label to safely apply and get the most benefit from these professional pest control products. Organic product alternatives may be available if you prefer.

PestMD Disclaimer: The information in this email and all other email messages from me is based on my experience and the results I got in certain situations. Regrettably, I cannot guarantee that you’ll experience similar results. Results may vary and will with your particular set of circumstances.

Pest Control Product Reviews

PestMD Disclaimer:

From time to time, I will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale that are not my own. My recommendation is ALWAYS based on my personal belief that the product and it’s seller will provide excellent and valuable information or service. This may be based on a review of that product, my personal or professional relationship with that person or company, and/or a previous positive experience with the person or company who’s product I am recommending. In most cases, I will be compensated via a commission if you decide to purchase that product based on my recommendation. In some cases, I will receive the product for free for review purposes, or just to use and therefor become familiar with it. And in some cases, I have used that product to my personal satisfaction in my own business.

In most cases the products I recommend are from personal use and experience. There are alternative products that, if labeled for your target pest, may get the same or different results. Pest control operators and technicians are invited to set me straight or correct me when I am wrong, if I haven’t made a valid point or if the way I wrote it, my phrasing was a tad confusing.

If you have questions about something you have read on this site, or the PestMD Disclaimer you are welcome to call 706-660-9521 for an explanation or just to ask a question. Business hours are 9 to 5 pm Monday thru Friday. I would love to speak with you,

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