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DIY Home Pest ControlPest MD is a useful and helpful DIY Home Pest Control Guide for those of you interested in doing your own pest control. You’ll save money and in some cases, get a better job. So the site is aimed at the “do-it-yourselfer”, and written in easy to understand non-technical language. Browse various DIY Pest Control articles and learn to use the same professional product the pros use and find out where to get them. I’ve search the Internet for best prices with companies I trust to provide links to DIY Home Pest Control product and supplies you to help you carry out everything we write about. We are adding new DIY Pest Control articles and features. So if you have a question about “How-to-do-something or what-professional-products to use, call 706-563-9521, or use our contact form. My son Tyler has joined the Pest MD team and is a welcome addition. His ability has always been greatly appreciated and that makes us the most experienced online store team in the US. Continuously designing and operating online professional pest control product and supply stores nationwide.

My name is Mike Dukes. The “MD” part of Pest MD, is a play on my initials, but I know pest control. I started out with Orkin in 1982 and I remain in the business today. I am certified in both Georgia (since 1985) and Alabama (since 1986) by their Departments of Agriculture for the control of Wood Destroying Organisms, WDO. If you’re after in-depth Termite information you’ll be pleased to know about my other site TermiteMD.

Pest MD DIY Home Pest Control has two goals:

  1. To help educate those of you who are interested in doing your own pest control.
  2. We’ll tell you where you may buy each product we talk about. You don’t have to search all over the Internet for them. I’m not trying to get rich, just trying to be of help and lend a helping hand. I would like to cover the expenses of running this site,  “know what I mean Vern”?

Just click on any product picture on Pest M.D. to go directly to more information about that product and buy it, if you wish.

Mike Dukes – Pest MD

Welcome to Pest MD and thanks for dropping by. Got Questions? Contact me maybe I can help.-

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I began my career in the Pest Control business in 1982 with Orkin. I started building Pest Control websites. Now since I retired two years ago. I share my years of knowledge in the pest control business and rate the new professional pest control products as I use them.

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