DIY Outdoor Roach Control Treatment

outdoor roach control

Outdoor Roach Control using professional pest control products

To perform yard roach control,  begin with an inspection. If you are unclear what roaches look like see the below pictures of roaches. Outdoor roach control most often deals with the roaches pictured and listed below. Although you may occasionally see one of these roaches indoors gathering food and drinking water, they prefer to live outdoors. If you have a large enough roach/insect population outdoors, you will eventually see some of these roaches inside. While inspecting outdoors for roaches, if you are finding any insect/pest in your mulch or hiding near your foundation wall you are advised to treat as specified below. thanks to Ecolab Pest Control  for this chart picture of outdoor roaches.

Outdoor Roaches

outdoor roach control

  • American Cockroach
  • Brown-Banded Cockroach
  • Brown Cockroach
  • Oriental Cockroach
  • Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach
  • Smoky brown Cockroach
  • Surinam Cockroach

The most common inside pest is the German Cockroach. But since the German nests indoors, we won’t be talking about German roaches in this article. German roaches are considered to be an inside insect.  Find information about the controlling the German Cockroach here.

Begin Outdoor Roach Control

The process begins with inspecting and cleaning up harbourage sites::

  • leaf litter,
  • mulch,
  • pine straw,
  • wood chips,
  • landscaping timbers,
  • stones,
  • and other objects close to the foundation.

Now begin your chemical treatment

  1. Use  a liquid Concentrate such as *Tengard SFR, or treat with a micro-encapsulated product like *Onslaught or a wet-able powder such as *Demon WP.
  2. Treat with your sprayer set to fan spray.
  3. Fa spray your home’s foundation wall up about 3 feet, then back away about three feet. This will put pesticide over, around, or in, pest entry points and eliminate any harbourage at the foot of your foundation wall. Don’t forget to treat across all thresholds and window sills.

Granular baits such as *Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait are good too but take more time to gain control.

It is a good practice to make a perimeter pest control treatment to prevent or reduce pest pressure. This  practice will reduce the number of pest living around your home and will help get rid of spiders who feed on many of these insects. Taking away the food supply will help eliminate spiders, and achieve outdoor roach control.

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