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DIY Pest Control now and save

Getting Started with DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest Control — Roaches in your kitchen? Ants on your porch? Fleas indoors and out in your yard? If you are on a tight budget or you love the challenge of learning and just like to do things yourself, maybe you’d like to learn to do your own pest control. Pest MD is not full of old fashion remedies and things passed down by legend whether fact or fiction. Pest MD founded by myself and a small group of  professional pest control operators passing on real knowledge about common pest problems. Pest MD’s goal is to teach you how to select and use the same pest control products professional exterminators use and by following some simple directions and the products instructions and labels you can get professional results eliminating or controlling almost any household pest. We aim to take you by the hand and help you get started.

Pest MD offers to help getting started DIY pest control.  Some of us can’t afford to hire a pest control company on a regular basis or we’d rather use that money for something else. Generally, you can save up to 70% over hiring a professional when you DIY Home Pest Control.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, “Before selecting a product or rushing into a decision on how to solve your pest problem, there are important things to consider:

  1. Make sure the insect is properly identified. Your efforts won’t do any good if they are not tailored to your pest. Even different types of ants eat different foods and require different control measures.
  2. If you use a pesticide, be sure to read and follow the product label. The majority of misapplications reported to NPIC are performed by homeowners or renters, not pest control operators.
  3. Do not mix up your own “recipe” from other pesticides or household products. Products available in the store have been evaluated for risks to people, pets, the environment, and their effectiveness on accomplishing the job.

How much does DIY Pest Control Cost?

As with any other project you’ll need to purchase the supplies you need to get started. Get started doing your own pest control in many scenarios for $125 a year or less depending on various pest pressure. Compare the cost.  At $35 per month to hire a professional, that’s $420.00 per year, and lots of pest control companies don’t even cover all common household pest for that price.

For example; Even if you have a pest control contract, a flea treatment is usually an extra charge and can run somewhere between $75 and $150 just for an inside treatment, You can treat 2,000 sq. ft. for as little as $25 or less, then double or triple that for the outside treatment, depending on the size of your yard. Then it’s off to the vet to have your pet treated. Hiring a professional could cost you lots of money for a year’s contract. You can do the inside/outside treatment for less than a hundred using Tengard SFR in combination with Archer IGR, and have enough left over for follow ups and more treatments, depending on law large your yard is. DIY Pest Control can save you hundreds of dollars that you can put to use elsewhere.

What will I need

  1. You’ll need a sprayer capable of spraying pesticides, using Viton seals.Home Pro SprayerChemical sprayer, capable of spaying pesticides.If you have a good one that is a plus. Why do I need a good pesticide  sprayer? If you are new to DIY Pest control, I suggest you start with this Home Pro Plus sprayer. If you decide you don’t want to continue, you haven’t spent much but if you enjoy doing DIY this sprayer will do the job for a few years if you keep it clean and store it properly. Rebuild parts are available for this sprayer, and a ten dollar parts pack gets you everything you need to rebuild this sprayer and keep it in optimum working condition for several years.
  2. Choose a pest or topic in the menu up top and read on if your interest is perked. You can learn to DIY Pest Control, right now.

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