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fenvastar plus

FenvaStar Plus Esfenvalerate 8.4%

FenvaStar Attributes

FenvaStar-Plus Professional InsecticideFenvaStar Plus Esfenvalerate 8.4% is a low odor pest control product labeled for all major household pests.  It can be applied with a sprayer, used as a space spray, applied to carpets for fleas, or used in a ULV fogger.  FenvaStar Plus can be diluted with oil or water. Best of all, this product is OK to ship to New York! If you are looking for a general insecticide with fast knock-down, lasting kill power, inexpensive to use, has low odor, and is available for sale into New York state, this is it.

FenvaStar Plus has the same active ingredient, Esfenvalerate, as the old stand-by and all-round great product, Conquer Insecticide. Only FenvaStar is almost three times stronger. Holy Moly, Batman! This product came on the market about three years ago and is gaining popularity with professionals as the word of it’s values spread.

Esfenvalerate 8.4% Product Documents

Kinder to our Environment

With Fenvastar w/8.4% EC, LG Life Sciences continues its environmental stewardship of its formulations by providing a highly concentrated esfenvalerate product for the Professional Pest Management market. LG uses less solvents and emulsifiers (petroleum products) in this product than current products on the market.

Many people are discovering, doing their own pest control. FenvaStar might be an exceptional fit for the DIY Perimeter Pest Treatment. Not only is Esfenvalerate 8.4% more environmentally friendly, it outperforms the similar market leader on fleas and roaches.

Esfenvalerate 8.4% Questions and Answers

Q – How long does Fenvastar last? What is the residual?

A – FenvaStar Plus Esfenvalerate 8.4% will last 3 months indoors and 1-2 months outdoor depending on the season.


Q – Is this work with bed bugs and how am i dilute this product..?

A – Yes, Fenvastar Plus is labeled to treat bed bugs. You want to mix at a rate of .83 oz per gallon of water.


Q – Can you mix Fenvastar Plus with Archer?

A – Absolutely, You can mix Archer IGR with any liquid insecticide with no issues.

Purchase product

FenvaStar Plus is available here makes 16 gallons of finished spray.

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