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The Right Rat Trap for You ?

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Many people have the unfortunate experience of having rats invade their attic. The sound of rats scuttling across the ceiling is unsettling. You need a better rat trap. Here’s a professional model.

Left alone, attics rodents can cause tremendous damage to a structure. Rats must constantly chew to keep their teeth trimmed. The rats will often chew through wires in the attic disabling phone lines and sometimes creating electrical hazards.

Getting rid of attic rats is not difficult but does require the use of traps.

There are several types of rat traps available for you to choose from.

The most common small rodent trap is the classic wood Victor snap trap. Victor makes two types of wooden rodent traps but the absolute best is the Victor Professional rodent trap.

While the Victor professional rat trap is highly effective it is also intimidating to use. If you accidentally set this powerful trap off it could easily break a finger.

A simpler and easier to use this device are the Easy Set rodent traps from Tomcat. These traps are not as effective as the Victor traps but they are easily and safely set by the simple press of a finger.

Using a snap trap like the Victor or Tomcat is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, they are both effective at killing rats. On the negative side, once they do their job you have to remove a bloody and mangled rodent corpse from them.

If you don’t want to handle mangled rodents (and who would blame you!) then an option for you is an electric rat trap.

An electric rodent trap is an ingenious device that lures a rodent into place with a piece of bait and then electrocutes them when their feet complete an electric circuit inside the trap. These devices kill rodents instantly and humanely. (Pictured above)

To dispose of a rat killed by an electric rat device all you do is pick up the trap, carry it to the trash can and dump out the rodent. You never have to touch the rat and there is no blood.

The one rat trap you must never use are glue boards. Glue boards rarely work for something as large as a rat and when they do they are extremely inhumane.

This article provided by David from

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