Asian Super Ants or Fire Ants, Strike Hidcote Manor

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Fire Ants Strike in Hidcote Manor, Gloucestershire, England

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antsA pest control problem in Gloucestershire, England could lead to electrical emergencies for the National Trust. “Asian super ants”, otherwise known as fire ants, have been sighted in the Trust’s Hidcote Manor. More than 35,000 of the bugs have been discovered on the property, posing a risk to the welfare of native animal species and signaling the possible beginning of a population explosion of the Super ants.

Signs of the fire ants have been seen in other parts of the UK, with a large empty nest recently spotted in London. Their stings can be very painful, and can prove deadly should people have an allergic reaction or pre-existing health conditions. Because of the fire ants’ aggression, they can push other species away from their native habitats and kill small mammals and other wildlife.

Head of Nature Conservation for the National Trust David Bullock said that although the fire ants do not typically bite pets or people, and therefore “pose little direct threat to us”, they could out-compete native species for space and food.

They also have an “attraction” to electrics, which means their presence can create a fire risk, he added.

The staff at Hidcote are managing the ants carefully to ensure that they do not encourage their spread, and are promoting research into their behavior and ecology to understand how they can better deal with the ants in the future, Mr. Bullock said.

Hopefully the experts at Hidcote will be able to come up with some good solutions to the fire ant problem, otherwise, the UK may have another summertime pest to deal with!

News like this underlines how dangerous pests can be – not only can these ants give people painful stings, but they also have the power to damage electrical cables seriously enough to create fire risks. To protect your home from fire ants, take out a premium home emergency cover package with 247 Home Rescue.

*Kevin Burke writes about pest control issues on behalf of UK-based home emergency cover provider 247 Home Rescue. Although he is dedicated to pest control, he is struggling to cope with his cat’s fleas.

guest author Kevin Burke of

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  1. Thank you for this informative article. I had no idea Fire Ants were spreading into England. I suppose that will keep your pest control company busy. Good luck in this battle.

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