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German Cockroach Infestation IGR Treatment

by Mike Dukes

German roaches can be difficult for the professional and the do it yourself-er if not using an Insect Growth Regulator. Anyone can eliminate a German roach infestation if you are willing to purchase the right professional products and take the time needed to see the job  through. You can’t walk into a kitchen whip out a can of GROCERY STORE SPRAY, and get rid of German roaches over night. Purchasing the right products for each part of the job is important. A good pesticide, and IGR, pesticide Gel roach bait. maybe a pesticide Dust if the roaches are in the wall voids. Drop by your local DIY Pest Control store or order professional pest products online.

  1. pesticide and pesticide sprayer, one capable of delivering a pesticide for direct placement. ( not a cheap garden sprayer)
  2. IGR
  3. Roach Gel Bait,
  4. Roach powder or dust in case Germans are in wall voids.
  5. Duster, applicator

Preparing for Treatment

Start with an Insect Growth Regulator additive and cleaningEvery good German roach job starts with a good cleaning and elimination of all food sources and harborage areas for German roaches. No crumbs spilled food or clutter. Now I don’t mean to imply that roaches are attracted to filth, but roaches love clutter for hiding and they eat food. Your goal is to make your kitchen as inhospitable to German roaches as possible. We are about to evict them.

  1. Remove the contents of your cabinets and drawers. Do this quietly without waking up the roaches… Just kidding.
  2. Using a sponge and warm water with just a little dish washing liquid soap wash out the cabinet interiors then wipe off the cabinet exteriors. You should see groups of black pepper dots here and there. If you and I are on the same page, this is roach feces and it has a pheromone in it, you might even be able to smell it. Wash these areas clean even if you have to scrub.
  3. Eliminate open food containers such a cereal boxes and other items the roaches can feed on. Put these items in containers that can be sealed. I zip lock bag or Tupperware would do. Vacuum crumbs and debris.

What is an Insect Growth Regulator?

I’ve heard of pesticides,  roach powder, aerosols, and even roach gel bait, but what is an IGR? Why is an Insect Growth Regulator so important when controlling or getting rid of German roaches?

An IGR is a chemical pesticide additive, such as hydroprene and methoprene that prevents roaches from reaching sexual maturity or from being able to molt into sexually mature pests, thus leaving them sterile. By using this additive along with your pesticide, you will be cutting off the pest’s reinforcements, as they will not be able to reproduce. So next time you treat, do a little “Birth Control” and use an IGR along with your favorite pesticide. Using this insecticide additive is not extra work. Pesticides and chemical additives are intended to be mixed together in the same spray tank and sprayed together at the same time. Other pests are also affected by insect growth regulators, like stored product pests, (Pantry pests).

It is important to use an IGR when you perform the beginning treatment of a German Roach infestation. High success rates can be achieved with a good pesticide in conjunction with a good IGR along with a few other tricks. If you use an IGR along with your pesticide you will get rid of many cockroaches right from the start, while eliminating all chances of re-enforcement. There is no fun in playing WAC-A-MOLE with the same roaches over and over. Roaches that survive the first treatment will be affected by the IGR  and will stop reproducing, that’s progress.

Now that you’ve done a good preparation spray with the Pesticide/IGR Cocktail, the stage is set for other tricks of the trade; like baiting cabinets and drawers, dusting voids and finishing the German’s off.

  1. I recommend Maxforce Magnum Roach Gel Bait, my personal favorite. It contains Fipronil mixed with a lovely roach food. Roaches love it so much, they will take chances to get it. Many young roaches sill withdraw into deep hiding places to get away from the liquid pesticides but they will be affected by the smell of the bait and they will come out to feed. Since you cleaned so well there is nothing to eat but the delicious roach gel bait. This roach bait delivers a three generation kill. As roaches die other roaches consume them and die, when they die they are consumed by others and they will die.
    1. You want to apply the gel bait as a very small dot, using the plunger-type syringe to push the bait out of the tube. Place dots in corners of cabinets and drawers and don’t forget to put a few dots on the cabinet hinges. The best delivery device is this bait gun.
    2. Put dots about 6 inches apart under the counter top overhang.
    3. Bait the corner areas under the sink and utensil drawers with roach gel. (See label for exact bait placement.)
  2. Dust any visible wall voids under the sink. You may find room to shoot a little insecticide dust, roach powder, into the wall void behind the sink from around the plumbing pipes.
    1. You can all so remove the light switch and AC covers and lightly dust in there too.
    2. Dust as many cracks and crevices as you find.


IGR – The importance of  using an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) in your fight against German roaches can not be overstated.

by Mike Dukes

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