DIY Home Pest Control – Save money and get professional results

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DIY Home Pest Control

Home Pest Control – Sure a can of RAID will kill an occasional German roach, but not a German infestation. German roaches multiply faster than you can kill them one at a time, you will lose this battle. Our friends at Pest Control tell us, “A German cockroach is unique in that she carries the ootheca (egg sack) for nearly the entire incubation period. Once hatched all roaches develop with gradual metamorphosis. Development from eggs to adults takes 2-4 months.” Reinforcements pouring in and here you are fighting them with a one shot musket? Want to get rid of German roaches once and for all? Use professional pest control products when you do home pest control and get professional results.

A good Home Pest Control start

  • Remove food and dishes from cabinets and drawers; then vacuüm crumbs and clean thoroughly with water and dishwashing detergent and a sponge. Let dry.
  • Now use a good roach gel bait in cabinet and drawer corners and under the sink. The product label will tell you how and where to place the gel and how much.
  • Prep your home with residual insecticide mixed with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).
  • Then use a pesticide dust in wall voids and cabinet bases.
  •  Now you are in the fight with weapons that can cause the battle to turn in your favor.
  • Good sanitation and follow-up treatments will rid your home of German roaches.

Home Pest Control with Professional Products

  • FACT: You can use the same strength pest control products professional pest Control and Termite and Wildlife Companies use! Some states do not allow homeowners to use certain products. When you purchase your products online you’ll be notified whether or not a product can be sold in your state. Only a few states restrict homeowner usage. Complete instructions come with each product as Usage directions, or complete product labels and MSDS sheets available. Read about each product and product family. All the big name are here DUPONT, FMC, Bayer Chemical (aspirin folks, that’s right)
  • FACT: You don’t have to know everything about pest control. You only have to learn to service your own home or business. A professional must have knowledge about many different pest situations and under many conditions.
  • FACT: Instead of using a hardware store or big box store “over the counter reduced active ingredient % products”, you can use the same professional strength products the pros use. Browse this site and see how easy DIY Pest Control can be. Look for seasonal pest bulletins in our Seasonal Pest Updates Calendar to see what pest problems to expect as the season’s change.
  • Fact: Be Prepared! If ants have been a problem in the past years, maybe you should get ready, purchase a few professional ant products and be ready this year.

Home Pest Control – Getting Started

Benefits of doing your own pest control include not having to keep exterminator appointments, deal with monthly billing, and having to call back between scheduled exterminator visits.

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  1. Nice tips for home pest control. There are few DIY pest control techniques which we can use for cockroach pest control and option some extent for rodent control as well. But sometimes DIY methods doesn’t give fruits as desired as DIY methods work only for a small scale infestation. So, whenever the infestation level is beyond our control, we should involve professional pest control service provider to help us.

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