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House MiceHow to Get Rid of House Mice in your House

Mouse droppings are 1/4 inch long and are rod-shaped. You may find food products that show signs of gnawing. Or you may have seen this little grey pest scampering around.

House Mice Multiply Fast

Maybe you have children and don’t know where these critters go at night while you sleep? Surely it’s just one mouse and I’ll quickly catch it. You need to form a plan right away. Female house mice become sexually mature in 35 days. and average 8 liters each year, with an average of six young per liter. So this one female can be responsible for producing up to 48 offspring each year. Some of those will be females and in 35 days they will begin producing also. Only in the very worst cases would this ever happen, but it’s possible if the problem with house mice goes unattended. Or if you raising them in your garage or your barn.

House Mice Prevention

Stopping them before they come in is the preferred method, of course. If you happen to have a garage or tool shed or barn you’ll want to inspect for signs of house mice out there too. Specially if you store food or feed out there. Slits or cracks you can stick a pencil in should be closed with a material mice can’t gnaw through, like steel wool, Stufit, or Xcluder. You could use half-inch hardware cloth for larger holes. Don’t use a spray foam or chalking, house mice will chew their way in.

House Mice Eradication

For most common house mouse infestations an old fashion mouse snap trap is the most humane and effective way to go. Most online stores sell them by the dozen or so. The more traps you place the sooner the mice will be gone and they are mostly reusable. If I see one mouse I place at least three traps. Baiting the trap with peanut butter or cotton balls, string or other nesting materials will provide curious mice a temptation they can hardly resist.


A popular, but most inhumane way to get rid of mice or rats is to use Glue Boards. Rodents lie trapped and either starve to death, die of thirst or gnaw off stuck body parts to escape. I do not condone torturing animals to death, I make this assessment from years of experience. Use a mouse trap. It’s clean and quick. iF YOU DON’T LIKE TRAPS AND DON’T WANT TO SEE THE DEAD RODENT AFTER IT IS CAUGHT, call an exterminator, please.

House Mice Products

Sometimes the best means of dealing with house mice is the old fashion way. Use a standard wooden mouse trap. These tried-and-true traps have been with us forever it seems, but someone is always trying to build a better one. The curious will want to compare the new with the old and if you are the curious type, we have listed some of the better new ones here.

Here are some of the newer, most effective,  house mice products, if you would like to check them out. If you would like to catch and release, no kill and re-locate, there is s special traps just for this.

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