Kissing Bug Invades America

kissing bug

Kissing bug Spreads Chagas disease

Headlines in the Business Insiderkissing bug “A deadly illness from abroad has made its way to the U.S. – but it’s not Ebola. Several cases of “kissing bug” disease, known formally as Chagas disease, have recently been identified in Texas, according to researchers gathered Tuesday at the annual American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene meeting in New Orléans.

Guess how the Sexy Bug is getting into the US? Why it’s coming across the boarders from Mexico, how else? Seriously folks the disease it spreads can be deadly, eventually causing heart problems. It’s another night bitter like the bedbug. The kissing bug bites your face when you sleep. Ouch!! The bug is known to eat human excrement. So all those coming over the border are dumping along the way and the bugs are feeding on it. Sort of following along after their food supply.

Kissing bug killing our pets

According to our friends at Reshareworthy, 

Hundreds of dogs have died from a rare parasitic disease known as Chagas and over 300,000 Americans are now infected. In Texas alone, roughly 400 dogs have died from the disease, and that is just the some cases that have been diagnosed or reported.

What is Chagas? Chagas disease is caused by a parasite known as Trypanosoma Cruzi. The parasite is carried by the Triatomine Bug or “Kissing Bug”. The parasite is spread by the feces of the bugs. The Triatomine Bug feeds on blood usually around the eyes and mouth of a person or pet while they are sleeping. Transmission occurs when fecal material gets rubbed into the bite wound or into a mucous membrane (such as, the eye or mouth), and the parasite enters the body. Read more

How to Kill the Kissing bug

A good pesticide perimeter treatment should kill these bugs who look like stink bugs. Don’t forget to treat the inside of your home especially the bedrooms. If you see this bug, please report it to your local health department. This Kissing insect could kill us and spread an epidemic across our great Nation while we debate border control. time to get serious.

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