Using Essential Oils for natural mosquito control

natural mosquito control

Tired of dealing with Mosquitoes? Try natural mosquito control

by John Martins of Spirit Essential Oils

Essential oils are growing in popularity each day. With such a wide variety of choices, there are beneficial options that may help with illness, stress and even… Natural mosquito control.!

We made this guide to help you learn about essential oils and how you can use them to repel mosquitoes.

Benefits of Essential Oils Over Other Methods

There a lot of benefits when you opt to use essential oil to get rid of mosquitoes. Traditional methods tend to rely on chemicals and other potentially harmful substance to keep mosquitoes at bay.  DEET is a hotly debated ingredient in most commercial bug sprays on the market.  It is highly effective at repelling mosquitoes but the effects on humans are not entirely known.

Traditional bug sprays also use propellants that can be harmful to those with respiratory problems like asthma.  For these reasons, natural alternatives like essential oils are appealing to people.

Using Essential Oils to Repel Mosquitos

While essential oils can help with a whole host of ailments or problems, let’s focus on how they repel mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance because of their itchy bites, they can spread dangerous diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and most recently the Zika virus.  There are a few methods to repelling these annoying bugs but many use harsh chemicals and dangerous substances.

You also apply oils to your skin to help repel mosquitoes. This is the best option if you’re going to be out and away from your home, say camping or hiking.  It’s important to apply essential oils to your skin safely, no matter how you do it.  Most essential oils MUST be diluted before they are applied to your skin so they don’t cause irritation.

Again, be extremely careful to not just rub essential oil directly onto your skin without diluting it first. You can use a carrier oil, like almond oil or jojoba, to help dilute the essential oil you wish to use.  This is a good method for repelling mosquitoes if you’re outside for a long period.  Just remember if you’re sweating, you must reapply periodically.

Essential oils offer a safer, more natural way to deal with mosquitoes and can be better for families with allergies, small children, or pets.  But which ones are best for keeping mosquitoes away? Here are three excellent options to choose from:

Peppermint Oil – This is one of the most popular essential oils and that’s because it’s extremely versatile. The menthol undertones make a great natural mosquito control.

Lemon Oil – Not only does lemon oil have helpful antibacterial properties, this common citrus oil is great at repelling mosquitoes.

Rosemary Oil – Rosemary is often used for stress and anxiety relief but it is also another plant in gardens used to repel pests and bugs.

“natural mosquito control”,  by John Martins of Spirit Essential Oils

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