DIY Mole Crickets Lawn Control

Control Mole Crickets Lawn

mole crickets lawnMole crickets spend the winter deep in the lawn soil predominantly as adults and large nymphs. Those that overwinter as nymphs complete their development and become adults in the spring in time for mating season. according to Will Hudson Extension Entomologist, UGA.

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Mole Crickets Lawn Control Measures

Will Hudson goes on to say, Regardless of the pesticide chosen or time of application, some steps should be taken to maximize control. Remember that all pesticides are affected by heat and sunlight and that mole crickets lawn are most active at night. Apply the insecticide as late in the day as possible to maximize these effects. (This may mean treating only part of the golf course or park on one day.) For materials that are applied as liquid solutions, apply at least 1 gallon of solution per 1,000 square feet. Unless the label instructs otherwise, irrigate thoroughly after application to move the material from the foliage and down to the soil surface.

Check the pH of your mix water and, if the pH is more than about 7.5, add a buffer to the tank to bring the pH down to the 5.5-6.5 range.

DIY Mole Crickets Lawn Control

If adequate lawn irrigation is available, the mole crickets themselves can be manipulated to increase control. Allow the lawn soil to dry out for 3 or 4 days and then irrigate thoroughly in the evening. Apply the insecticide the next afternoon. Mole crickets are sensitive to soil moisture and will move down in the ground to find comfortable conditions if the surface is dry. Irrigation will bring them back up to resume feeding the following night, making them easier targets for control.

mole crickets lawn control product Dominion 2LDominion 2L Pesticide

Dominion 2L has enough residual activity so that applications can be made preceding the egg laying activity. Application timing can be based on historical monitoring of the site, previous records or experiences, current season adult trapping or other methods. Most favorable mole crickets lawn control will be achieved when applications are made prior to egg hatch of the target pests, followed by sufficient irrigation or rainfall to move the active ingredient through the thatch.

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