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Pest Control Hobby

A Hobby that Gives Back “Pest Control Hobby”

by Mike Dukes

Pest control hobbyDon’t have a Hobby? Don’t you trim Bonsai plants? You can’t stand puzzles and you aren’t interested in video games. You’ve tried other hobbies only to find out that after a short time you lose interest. Why not learn a bit about killing bugs? I had a hobby growing up, I played electric bass guitar. After a short time, I realized I had to purchase better equipment so I figured I ‘d start a band to make the extra money I needed. That led to a 25-year career on the road, writing songs and shows, and playing bass in my band as well as Little Richard’s band.

My point is, I made my hobby pay for itself. I’m not suggesting you start your own band or pest control company; although some of you may. But you can make a hobby out of doing your own pest control, as thousand of Americans are already doing, and it will pay for itself by saving you money and providing your family with a better, safer, bug-free, more healthy environment. When you spend a little money to get started you can save up to 70% over hiring a pest control company. See what you will need to get started.

DIY Pest Control Hobby

A professional pest technician has to learn to do pest control in many different kinds of structures and under a variety of circumstances (steep learning curve). You only have to learn to do your home and maybe your business. The learning curve goes way down because you have less to learn. If you run across a pest problem you can’t handle or requires special equipment, you can always bring in a pest professional. Once you learn the ropes, you will begin to see the benefits of doing your own pest control. I look forward to doing my monthly regiment. It’s fun and it beneficial for you, your family and your property. You can get professional results and take care of ants, roaches, and occasional invaders. If you are really fit you can do your own termite work too. I urge you to pick up on the DIY Pest Control Hobby, have a good time, enjoy your working hobby and be healthy longer.

Tip to get you started DIY Pest Control Hobby

I had ants all over our back porch. Every year I battled them with pesticides my wife purchased at the grocer.  Last year I decided to use a professional approach, so I purchased some Termidor SC and fan sprayed my back porch and sprayed as many ants directly as I could. That was just before the 2013 football season started and now years later I haven’t seen one ant.

How does Termidor Work?

In a nutshell:: Termidor is odorless and has what manufacturer BASF calls a “Transfer Effect”. When the insect is “affected with Termidor by contact, it will die within 8 days. That gives the affected insects plenty of time to have contact with other ants in their colony. Those other contacted ants will become affected and they will die in approx. 8 days while having contact with others causing their death. This goes on until the colony is eliminated. Termidor works like this on termites and ants. My one bottle of Termidor SC will make 25 gallons of finished spray so I figure I got my monies worth with a bonus. I did my perimeter treatment this weekend and look forward to a great pest free Spring and Summer. There is a more economical version of Termidor SC available now called Taurus SC. It the same active ingredient and the only difference is the price and a few label directions.

It’s easy to do and this site, can show you the ropes. Keep in mind most of your questions answered are on the Product label. Pretty much everything is explained but I’ll answer as many questions as I can. Use my contact form to contact me.

by Mike Dukes

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  1. That’s a great idea. Doing self pest control as a hobby seems to be a quite useful management of time and skills. With this hobby, we can not only be able to do home pest control but can also save some money, which we might have to pay for a pest control company for treatment.

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