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Do-it-Yourself Home Pest Control is explored in this PestMD Pest Control Network site. DIY Pest Control articles covering common pests and DIY pest control in the deep south. Our theory is, “if it works down here it will work anywhere.” Because the weather and overall climate in the South is perfect for breeding a wide variety of house hold pests, Southern pest control companies and technicians gain valuable experience identifying, inspecting for, and successfully treating them.

We have to come to know what works, and what doesn’t, and our tips are yours to apply if you choose to. Of course there is always more than one way to eradicate a pest. These articles were written to encompass many situations, but not all, so read the product labels mentioned on this site for the absolute “Last Word”. Before using any professional pest control product it is required by Federal Law, that you read that product’s label. Click the pages of PestMD.net | DIY Pest Control Magazine, and start doing your own cost effective DIY Pest Control.

We will help you learn to DIY Pest Control using professional pest control products, same product strength the pros use, and point you to trusted sources, and best prices to purchase them. The sources we guide you to are well known to us and each product page lists any state restrictions, clearly visible. If you view a suggested product and your State is excluded from shipment into your state you will be prohibited from ordering it and using it in your state. Be sure to take note of any notice that exempts your State for use of a product. Most liquid concentrates are restricted for shipping into New York, but there are always good alternatives for New Yorkers. Call 1-706-563-9521, if you have questions.

We do not consider PestMD.net a final authority on DIY Pest Control, but we are offering solutions that work and of course our suggestions do not now, or ever, supersede the product label directions. Always read the product label and understand it before using any professional pest control product. It is your responsibility to do this. The old, “if one ounce of pesticide will do, two ounces will do better”, attitude is the wrong approach to using professional products. See this article on Pesticide mixing tips . Articles in our Introduction to DIY Pest Control will give you enough information to decide whether or not DIY Pest Control is something you’d like to do. Getting started can cost you around $100 to begin. So it’s not free, but the money you will save can be considerable over a year or two. you will recover your initial investment in three months over hiring a processional exterminator to do a job most everyone can do, and with our help you can get professional results.

Why Pest MD

My name is Mike Dukes. The “MD” part of Pest MD, is a play on my initials, and I know DIY Pest Control. I started out with Orkin in 1982 and I remain in the business today. I am certified in both Georgia (since 1985) and Alabama (since 1986) by their Departments of Agriculture for the control of Wood Destroying Organisms, WDO. I work with a professional pest control and wildlife company in Columbus, GA. Our techs insure a pest free environment for hundreds of families in Georgia and Alabama on a daily basis, so we are up on the latest Technics and professional pest control products. Daily routine in our DIY Pest Control store is to teach homeowners, face to face, the ins and outs of DIY Pest Control.

Pest MD – DIY Pest Control, has two goals:

  1. To introduce you to the world of DIY Pest Control, using professional products, (not home remedies).
  2. To provide a trusted place for you to purchase these professional products.

I have provided links to purchase these products from online stores I know and trust. You should receive nice fresh professional pest control products with helpful customer service.

Mike Dukes – Pest MD

Welcome to Pest MD -DIY Pest Control Experts, and thanks for dropping by. Got Questions? Contact me. Feel free to comment on any articles you read on Pest MD, thanks.

I am available to help you with your pest control related website as an adviser or designer, 1-706-563-9521 Monday thru Friday 8 am till 6 pm est.

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