Pro Pest Products Vs Grocery Products

Pro pest products

What’s the Difference

The difference between pro pest products and grocery store products is significant. I always make this comparison, “the same difference as prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs.” Ask yourself, “Every seen a profession pest control technician use a can of RAID? Why not? Because they have better choices and know better. Professional pest products almost always have a higher % of active ingredient.

Percentage % of Active Ingredient Comparison.

  • *Viper EC professional = 25.4%
  • *Viper Home RTU = 0.25%
  • This professional version is 100 times stronger.
  • Generally lower odor for the professional formulation.
  • Lasting residual means it keeps on killing for up to 90 days.

sprayer for pro pest productsSometimes a can of RAID comes in handy, for flies and ants. But the RAID is a contact kill product, a temporary fix and you end up spraying everyday just to keep up. Professional pest products, when used correctly can rid your living space of all types of household pests and keep killing for up to 30 days.

General insecticides

When you begin to use Professional  pest products, the same pest control products the pros use, you can look forward to better results. A common misconception among Newbies they finally have a magic bullet that will kill everything. Sure some pro products have broad labels and they have been tested and proved to be effective against many pest species. I like to refer to them as, “General insecticides”. But if the pest you are trying to control isn’t listed on the product label it will not work.

Specialized insecticides

Many Pro Pest Products insecticide/pesticides are not General Insecticides. Specialized Products developed for specific pests, such as “ant insect bait”. Ant bait will attract ants because it is formulated for them. Ant bait would not be interesting to roaches so an ant bait would not be ingested rendering it useless for cockroach control. There are actually cockroach baits that are appealing to roaches,, but don’t work on ants. There are many General pesticides with lots, but not all pests on their labels. Specialized products. You could be wasting your time and money trying to use a specialized product to control a pest that the product label doesn’t have on it’s targeted pest list.

Check out the Product Label

Always be smart and read the product’s label. You’ll find mixing instructions for all targeted pests.. You’ll find out how to handle the product safely, and how to apply it for the best results. PEST MD will try to steer you in the right direction when choosing professional pest control products.

DIY Using Pro Pest Control is gaining popularity for good reasons

Everyday more people find out about Do it Yourself pest control using Pro Pest Products and techniques. I am an e-commercialist for professional pest control e-commerce websites, online stores websites, and pest information websites. since 2004 and the conversation has changed. People used to be surprised that they could actually buy and use these products. Now people call and want detailed information about certain products and application techniques. The movement toward doing your own pest control using Pro Pest Products and techniques is picking up steam everyday. In today’s economy doing your own pest control makes sense. More new people try it everyday. It  it’s easy to do, makes sense, it saves you money and stops the inconvenience of making and keeping appointments. So the argument to learn some easy steps to do it yourself is a sound one. Bookmark this site and return as you learn. Contact me with questions you may have or pests you would like for us to cover.

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