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2 Things You Need to Know about DIY Pest Control, using professional products

2 Things You Need to KnowPest control companies and professional pest products manufacturers don’t want you to know of things about pest control. They don’t want you to know you can purchase professional pest products and use them responsibly on your own property.  At pest control meetings manufacturers rarely mention safety of use issues with professional pest products, when product labels are followed. So professional pest products are safe enough for an employee of a pest control company to use with very little training. There are of course dangers with certain specialty chemical products, but you will never be encouraged to use those kinds of products at

Telling us we can’t purchase and use professional pest products is the equivalent of Lawn Companies not wanting you to know you can purchase and use your own lawn mowers and mow your own lawn. Or, maybe Plumbers not wanting you to purchase a plunger or use it. For the duration of modern civilization man has started businesses The pest control industry has had us by the purse for way too long. With the new economy people are finding ways to save and do some things for themselves. By doing your own pest control you’ll find that it’s not so hard. But most viewers don’t know how to get started. Pest covers a lot of the basics of professional pest control and opens up a new world of savings and efficiancy for those of you that are willing to try it. No more shelling out bucks you could use elsewhere and keeping appointments on your lunch hour. Better pest control results and remember if you get in trouble with a particular pest, you can always call a professional to get you out of a jam and get you going again.

Dirty Little Professional Pest Products Secretes

  1. They say, “You can’t purchase the same products the pros use.”
    You can purchase and use the same professional pest control products and equipment pros use, to treat your own property.
    When I started out with Orkin I was told the general public could not purchase professional products. That made the PC industry a monopoly; you can’t get professional results without professional strength pest control products. You can purchase and use those products too. Just be responsible and READ THE PRODUCT LABEL!!
  2. The say, “You need professional training to do a good job.”
    DIY Pest control isn’t difficult to do.
     Complete directions of use are included in the product label booklet that comes with each professional insecticide concentrate.  The label is written in plain English and it is easy to understand. You can do it. If you don’t plan to read the label instructions please don’t continue reading this site. Stop now and call Terminex or Orkin or whoever. You must read the label to use these products (Federal Law). The strength of professional pest products is the highest formulation percentage allowed on the US market and these products are capable of doing the job without doubling the dose. In fact they work better at the recommended mixture for your target pest.

It only takes a few minutes to read through professional pest products labels. This will insure you use the product safely for you, your family and your surroundings, and that you get the desired results. The label tells you exactly how to use the product, where, and how to get the results for you money while protecting the environment.

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