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Vendetta Plus roach bait

Vendetta Plus foach baitVendetta Plus is DIY ready. Vendetta Plus German roach bait is an insect bait that comes in it’s own applicator, similar to a syringe and is used to place very small amounts of roach bait in strategic locations. Placing Vendetta Plus into cabinets, or other places where food or eating utensils is stored, is preferred over pesticide spray. See product label for correct placement opportunities. Use this roach gel bait indoors in Food and Non-food Areas, such as:


Vendetta Plus is the only roach Gel Bait that contains an IGR, so far. Vendetta Plus is for use in controlling German Cockroaches indoors. The pre-filled plastic reservoir containing Vendetta Plus is intended for use with bait injector application devices common to the pest control industry. Inject into cracks and crevices, void spaces, and other locations where insects may harbor, live and breed. Concentrate the bait placements as individual spots at insect activity sites (only in areas inaccessible to children and pets).

How it works::

After placement roaches feed on the desirable bait and die, just like a standard bait. But if the roach doesn’t get a lethal dose it can become immune to some bait.  That would allow it to produce offspring that would also be immune. Now that bait won’t work anymore on this infestation and you’ve lost a valuable tool in the fight. Vendetta Plus contains an Insect Growth Regulator(IGR), which affects roaches after they feed, even if they don’t eat a lethal dose, they will be sterile, unable to reproduce.

I’ve also been told by an Arizona PCO that Vendetta Plus holds up extremely well in high heat areas like the Desert climates out West.

Kills German Cockroaches where they hide
• Effective on both averse and non-averse German Cockroach populations
• Breaks the life cycle of German Cockroaches
• Contains NyGuard IGR
• Reduces the population by preventing reproduction
• For use in commercial, industrial and residential areas
• Relief from even severe German Cockroach infestations
• Effective, clean and easy to use

See manufacturers movie on how to use and get more information Purchase a box of four (4) Vendetta bait tubes with a free plunger

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