DIY PC Safety and Product Usage Avoiding problems first

Safety and Product Usage

Avoid Problems instead of cleaning them up.

by Mike Dukes

Proper Pest Control starts with product safety and product usage and is required by law, State, and Federal. Each professional pest control product is tested and labeled for targeted pests, explained below. Each product is designed to kill that pest without harm to the environment or ourselves. These products are not like a can of Raid that can be used on anything. That’s why Raid isn’t as effective as professional pest control products. Once you become acclimated to this perspective you will understand more about how these products are so much more effective than over the counter products. Just like prescription drugs professional pest control products designed to be used in certain circumstances.

No magic bullet Safety and Product Usage

One Product Kills All or One Size Fits All does not apply to professional pesticides or other professional pest products. Just like all sodas are not COKE, all liquid concentrated products are not the same. When working with professional products make the correct chemical choice, by reading the label. PEST MD can help you here. You must use the proper chemical for your “Target Pest”. This is so important the government made it a law and they enforce it! You can’t make up your own rules. You must follow  pest control product usage rules and chemical label directions if you want to save the cost of an exterminator. It’s the law! Let’s be clear on the term, “*target pest“.

What is a ‘Target Pest’

Target pest = the pest you are trying to control.

See how easy this is?

  1. See ants,

  2. Make sure you use a product labeled for ants,

  3. Check the product label, does it have ants listed as a target pest, if so you may use this product to control ants and it will do the job.

  4. Most professional products are labeled for more than one pest.

  5. It’s that simple.

Proper pest control product usage, is necessary for optimal results. If you use a product not labeled to kill that certain insect, you will most likely not get the results you were after.

Target Pest Example

*Here’s an example that comes to mind.
You grab a fly spray to kill swarming termites. Yes, you’ll kill the flying termites, but it’s counter-productive, the colony doesn’t need the swarmers anymore anyhow, you must treat the source.  The swarmers were leaving the home colony to start their own. The termites you were hoping to hurt or kill are still safe in their underground colony or still eating your window sill and wall studs. You can kill all the swarmers and if you spot actual termites you can spray and kill them too, BUT eastern subterranean colonies can reach many millions of members. They will never miss a few hundred here or there. There is a section on treating for termites.

Some products labels say they kill termites*swarmmers only or *exposed termites only. You may have a pesticide labeled for *termites, but if it’s not a termiticide, and you don’t know what you are doing, your treatment will only be a band-aid. You need a termiticide to treat for termite control. Not all termiticides are equal, or work the same way, or are labeled for DIY type treatments either, read about treating your structure for termite control here.

“Safety and Product Usage”, by Mike Dukes

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