Getting Started with Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Picture of termite tubes hanging from floor joists in this homes crawl space.Getting Started with Termite Inspections

by Mike Dukes

Check all places where wood is near, or rests on the ground. Weatherboarding, wood supports, basement window frames, door casings, sills, etc., can be checked for soundness by tapping lightly with a small hammer and/or probed with a screwdriver. If the hollow wood is found, and it is the result of a termite infestation, the soft grain portions of the wood will be eaten away leaving the hard grain sections, making the wood look a little like an accordion.

Where to look and What to look for

I’m sending you to another of my sites for the inspection details Here is a complete list of places to look and what to look for. Follow these steps to Termite Inspections courteously provided by

Annual Inspection

Make termite inspections annually. Termites left to do their work without detection over time can cause severe damage to your home and your pocketbook. If you are physically unable to perform a crawl space or attic inspection, be sure to call a professional termite company that offers inspections and get a yearly termite checkup.

Keep in mind your homeowner’s insurance does not cover pest damage. Checking your home for termites makes as much sense as changing your motor oil.

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