Best DIY Termite Bait System

Advance DIY Termite Bait System
Advance termite bait system

How to Install your Advance Termite DIY Termite Bait System

The Advance Termite DIY termite Bait System is the top rated DIY termite bait station system. It’s easy to install and keep up, these bait stations deliver termite protection second to no other DIY termite bait stations.

Tools I’ll need::

  1. Post hole digger or a narrow shovel
  2. Magic Marker
  3. sheet of paper
  4. Advance Termite Station bait Kit.

Begin  Installation of your Termite Bait Stations ::

  1. Make a rough graph drawing of your structure. Just draw the shape of your house from above looking down, so to speak. (optional, but will help you find each station later when you check them.)image of termite bait stations at work
  2. Walk around the structure and drop place the stations about 3 ft. away from the base of your foundation wall. Just drop one and move on. We are looking for even spacing of about 7 to 10 feet apart. So when you’re done you can make adjustments, if you need to change your spacing.
  3. After you have the termite bait system stations evenly spaced, take a magic marker and write a number on the cap. I like to start at the front door and go around the house to the left, (your choice). The first would be number one the make the next number two and so on. Mark termite bait stations on your graph, so you will be sure to find each one when you inspect them later.
  4. Do not plant a termite bait station where you believe it might fill with water. Like in a low spot or where water drips off the roof.Advance termite bait system at work
  5. Break out the post hole diggers and make your first hole where the station will be located. Drop the dirt close by so you can reuse it. The station hole should be about 10 inches deep and about 5 inches in diameter. Place the station in so that the lid is flush with the ground. You don’t want it sticking up so someone will trip over it, or it will be hit by the lawn mower. Fill in the space around the station with the dug-out dirt, do not hard pack the fill dirt, and move to the next station. Indicate on your graph paper the number of the station and it’s location.
  6. When all the stations are installed you are done for now. Worth it huh! You just saved yourself a lot of money! Some termite companies charge between $500 and $2000 for installation, plus the cost of the stations. Obviously the bigger the structure, the more stations you will need. I suggest you plant them 7 to 10 feet apart.

Maintain your Advance Termite DIY termite Bait System


Check each station, 45-days after the installation, to see if termites are present in the stations. The inspection frequency drops to every 90 days from here on..

  1. Use the station key tool, included with the Advance Termite Bait Station Kit to open and close each station for inspection. (Do not lose your key, they are expensive.)
  2. Check each station, looking for termites or dirt hauled in by termites.
  3. If you find termite activity remove the top inspection cartridge and replace it with the active bait.
  4. Mark that station on your graph as active.
  5. Check all stations.
  6. Repeat every 90 days until there is no more termite activity.
  7. When you check a station that was active and there is no more activity you may replace the active bait with a fresh Inspection cartridge, not more active bait.

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I hope this termite bait system article was helpful - Pest MD by Mike Dukes

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