DIY Termite Treatment

Overview DIY Termite Treatment

This DIY termite treatment requires Termidor SC to be mixed and and poured into aPurchase Termidor SC here shallow trench all the way around your foundation wall’s exterior. You will need the number of linear feet around your structure so you’ll know how much Termidor SC to purchase. Each 20-oz bottle will treat one 60 ft. section of foundation wall.

DIY Termite Treatment Supplies and Equipment

  1. Measuring tape or wheel. Or if you are a former football ref. you can step it off. We need to know the distance in feet around your home’s foundation. Your Linear feet.
  2. You’ll need a 5 gallon bucket, the kind they sell at Lowe’s would be fine.  Termidor SC is odorless and that makes it undetectable by termites, so make sure you use a clean bucket, with no previous odor attached to it..
  3. A Mattock (it’s like a grubbing hoe, see picture) You can use the two inch axe sideimage of a mattock trenching tool to loosen hard soil and the 3 inch inch wide digging blade to trench with. This tool will come in handy for other yard and garden work. If you don’t already have one you could use one.
  4. You will be doing a lot of mixing so you should wear chemical resistant gloves and eye protection.

After you have measured your foundation wall all the way around. You can calculate how much Termidor SC you’ll need for DIY Termite Treatment. Let’s say you have 240 Ln. ft. Each bottle of Termidor SC will treat 60 ft. – 240 Ln. ft. divided by 60 = 4, so you’ll need four bottles. Be sure to include footage around porches, patios and decks.

DIY Termite Treatment Procedure:

  1. Dig a trench 4 to 6 inches wide and 3 to 6 inches deep all the way around your structure. This trench is dug directly against the foundation wall. Leave the dirt so you can easily re-fill the trench with it after you pour in the Termidor SC.
  2. Take your 5-gallon bucket and using an old clean milk jug put four gallons of water in the bucket. Mark the level with a magic marker. You’ll be filling this bucket 24 times so you won’t have to use the milk jug anymore if you mark the four gallon level. Do not fill the 5-gallon bucket to the rim,(only put four gallons in it). Now you can carry it without spillage and each section of the trench will get the required four gallons of mixed Termidor SC. Careful not to try to stretch it. Order enough to do the job. Any left over is excellent for outside ant control.
  3. Using the tip and pour bottle of Termidor SC add 3.3 ounces to the four gallons of water and mix well.
  4. I use an old roofing shingle or something like that to dam up a 10 ft. section of the trench.
  5. Pour the mixture as evenly as you can in the trench and kick the dirt back in the trench with your boot.
  6. Do this all the way around your structure.
  7. If you get any Termidor on you use warm soap and water when you can to clean it up.
  8. Termidor will not harm your grass or ornamental plants.

DIY Termite Treatment OPTION

This part may not be for you, it’s pretty tough. If you have a crawl space and you can crawl in there with a 5-gallon bucket in tow you should trench around each support pier and put approx. 4 gallons of finished material around each pier. You could also try this with four very clean 1 gallon milk jugs.

Trench and treat around deck posts and around concrete patios.

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