Top 10 States With Biggest Pest Problem

States With Biggest Pest Problem

Top 10 States With Biggest Pest Problem

by Jamie O’Connor

States With Biggest Pest Problem — As you may know, April is National Pest Management Month. In celebration, Fleetmatics dove into tens of millions of data points collected from roughly 5,500 pest management vehicles.

Fleetmatics makes a technology that embeds in these vehicles – called telematics – which records and logs the activity of each vehicle in real time. Every day, Fleetmatics’ pest control customers and their thousands of vehicles across the U.S. hit the roads to combat bugs, rodents and more.

Our data found that over the course of a year, pest control vehicles made more than 11.5 million stops and traveled a total distance of 94.7 million miles. We also uncovered the below Top 10 States With Biggest Pest Problem. Any interest in sharing this list with your readers to celebrate with us?

We also have an infographic with this data, which I would be happy to share.

Top 10 States With Biggest Pest Problem

1. Nevada
2. Utah
3. Texas
4. Missouri
5. Mississippi
6. Arizona
7. Rhode Island
8. Louisiana
9. Kansas
10. Georgia

by  Jamie O’Connor

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