What Are Termites For – Termites have purpose

What Are Termites For

Termites serve a purpose, see what are Termites for

by Mike Dukes

“No one knows, how termites find wood, or what they do for fun; but everyone knows, what termites do when they go to work”! 

Termites Serve a Purpose

Just what are termites for? Every living thing on God’s green earth has a purpose, a reason for being here. Termites feed on the cellulose in wood and wood by-products. They turn this food back into the soil as nutrients. This is an honorable purpose. Termite food sources are readily available on planet earth. The forest is full of dead trees, roots in the ground from cleared land, stacks of firewood, the back porch steps, and are all good food sources  for our subterranean friends. They are content in their world eating and drinking and surviving. Nature’s Cleaning Machine, termites are an important part of earth’s ecosystem, …BUT!

Here is What Are Termites For, they have a purpose

Our problems with them begin when we discover they are eating our home! We clear the woods and build homes, but they were here first. They have lived in the woods eating dead trees and dead underbrush. They keep our forests clean and recycle dead trees and limbs back into nutrients for the soil to help renew our forests. There is enough lumber in a new home to feed a termite colony for years. To a termite “wood is wood”. Termites can’t tell the difference between a dead tree limb and a wall stud in your home. And since they must eat to survive they invade your privacy and your wall studs.

Termites Can Damage your Homes by sheer accident

When you find termites in your home, identifying its species of great importance because different species require very different control measures. Most often you will have some form of subterranean termites. Eastern subterranean or Formosan termites. These two require similar treatment. You’ll find information on treating each species of termites here on this site.

“What Are Termites For”  by Mike Dukes

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  1. Termites get into your house either through wood to wood contact or wood to soil contact. To prevent termites, you need to make sure that these contacts are severed. The very first thing you need to do is move any wood away from your house. This means firewood, construction lumber, errant trees and stumps. All of these are an expressway for termites to get into your home.

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